So I’m traveling again, as is evidenced by the lack of blog postings. [insert sheepish grin here]. One would think the result would be more blog posts but my whirlwind trip through Germany was so non-stop I was lucky to find time to share some photos on Instagram!



The majestic Altare della Patria in Piazza Venezia Rome, Italy. Stumbled upon this is my first day wandering.

In one day I’ve already stumbled on so many sights…it’s impossible not to! I loved the quintessential cats lounging on columns in the Area Sacra di Largo Argentina

So, now that I’m in Rome, I’m slowing my pace and savoring the offerings of this historic city.  The only trouble is…what are best the cool sights to see and experience after the must-see top ten? I have many days here and so I love putting it to my readers and fellow wanderlusters for ideas of things to do out of my normal format.  What would you like to have me experience for you?  What would you make sure to fit in if you were here? Please post in the comments so I can add to my list and report back.  Ciao for now!


Cats on columns, Rome, Italy

All Photos by Gina Stark




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