image-princeville-kauai-view-napali-coast Princeville, Kauai, view to stormy Na Pali coast

I am decidedly UNtech-y, but oh so photo trigger happy.  It is the camera feature of my new phone that I wanted to try out and continue to do so. Of course I broke it in on my recent Hawaii trip.


Here are some of my favorite snapshots so far!


image-hanapepe-swinging-bridge-kauai Swinging bridge at Hanapepe, Kauai


The roads less traveled in Hawaii offer up some striking views…

image-empty-road-kauai Exploring Kauai pays off with views like this

And hiking the Na Pali coast only beckons me further…next time.

image-napali-coast-view Hiking along the Na Pali coast, Kauai


image-atv-kauai Exploring Kauai via mud ATVs


There is so much to see on Kauai, and covering some of the vast territory on ATVs was not only a beautiful experience…

image-waterfall-kauai.jpg Waterfall on Kauai, ATV tour image-atv-tour-kauai-hawaii Touring Kauai via ATVs

It had some thrills, too.


1/2 mile tunnel, Kauai mud ATV tour

(I’m impressed with the image stabilizer.  I could barely hang on to the phone/camera for several of these shots, not to mention keeping it out of the mud)

I finally caught the sunrise from Haleakala on Maui.  I think we all bonded in the shivering pre-dawn on the peak:

image-predawn-haleakala-maui-hawaii Pre-dawn at Haleakala, Maui image-sunrise-haleakala-maui-hawaii And the day breaks, and with the sun comes warmth! Haleakala, Maui image-hibiscus-bloom-kauai-hawaii Another sunburst of color in Princeville, Kauai


image-old-sugar-refinery-kauai-hawaii An old sugar refinery from back in the days when cane was king… Kauai image-view-from-kilauea-lighthouse-kauai View of crashing waves from the Kilauea lighthouse near Princeville, Kauai. We saw whales spouting and breaching from this stellar spot!

And another kind of spouting could be spotted at Spouting Horn…

image-spouting-horn-kauai Spouting Horn, Kauai


I’m loving the panorama app and intend to hike to new heights in the pursuit of more panorama-worthy moments. I only wish I had discovered the feature on this phone / camera for my Maui sunrise!

Image 24



image-princeville-coast-kauai Princely views of the Princeville coast, Kauai

The other suuper impressive aspect of this phone is its battery life! The phone itself is sleek and lightweight, yet it gives my iPhone battery life a run for its money – and my iPhone has a Mophie case! (A Mophie adds up to 100% more battery life for your phone, and I love this built-in back-up plan.)

More tinkering and shuttering to follow.  Let me know what features you have found that you love, for phone photography and more. Thanks for reading, and traveling with me!

Discloser: As a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger and Twitter Party co-hostess for #VZWBuzz, I was gifted a Droid Maxx to give it a go and so I went!


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image-at-the-helm-sailing-croatia Happy at the helm, sailing in the sunshine of Croatia

If you follow me and my pursuits, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a hiker and outdoors lover.  This means two things: I don’t have much time or inkling for heavy make-up, and yet, my sun-kissed southern California skin has been clamoring for some camouflage.  As for make-up foundations, I still resort to my big sister’s bag of tricks to primp me for special occasions and gala events.

And so I was intrigued and interested when offered to try Lancôme’s new serum, DreamTone, as a free trial. Part of the deal is that they dare you to snap a “bare selfie” and share it with the world.  Well, I don’t even do many selfies, but most photos of me are usually bare…hey, not like THAT.  So, I’m doing a “before” and “after” selfie on here.  I’ll do my best to maintain the same lighting conditions for each shot. I’m excited about trying out this luxe product.

It’s kind of made for women like me, actually.  It goes on ridiculously smoothly, like light silk, which I like because it doesn’t pull on my skin when I’m applying it.  I’ve only had mine for a few days now, but I already like how it feels on the delicate skin of my face.

What is it?  It’s a customized skin tone correcting serum, and it promises to “school” the more overly sun-loved areas of my skin that have, ummm, shall we say, large freckles? I chose medium tone, and I’m eager to see the difference in my bare skin in just a few weeks. I’m a mascara and lip gloss gal, but I like a “clean” look when I go out and prefer not to wear foundation or powder.  So I’m thinking Lancome can solve this “natural girl” dilemma for me!

Here is my #bareselfie after just two days of using Lancôme DreamTone:

image-me-before-dreamtone Me, after only a few days applying DreamTone.

I’m suuper glad I was invited to try out this product, as I’m not normally up on new advances and may have missed out altogether, thinking DreamTone may have been a cover-up.  The serum has a pearly light tan appearance to it, but it goes on clear.  The way it feels on my skin is like instant hydration, and it makes me want to apply it several times a day – but I’m sticking with twice a day.

I shall update this post with another bare selfie in a couple weeks.  So come back and see!

< Insert “after” photo here> ;)

In the meantime, I’ll be hiking, working, food-ing, sailing and generally enjoying the glorious sunny winter weather in San Diego.  Yes, I’m gloating. :)

me-hiking-in-new-zealand Hiking and birding in New Zealand

I received a complimentary sample of Lancôme DreamTone to review.  The opinions shared here are mine.

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